Sunday, June 20, 2010

Help me.

A long time ago I bookmarked the DwellStudio Diaper Tote because it is amazing.... look at these pockets: It's huge (which I love) and looks like a purse (which I love). Not to mention I haven't seen a bad review yet. The bad news is that it retails for $170 (though I've seen them around for less).... the other bad news is I can't decide on a pattern.

Here's the chocolate dot pattern:
This is Gio Lemon:

And this is Charlotte:

I'm leaning towards the Chocolate Dots, but love the colors of the Charlotte. So, hypothetically, if you were going to purchase one of these, which would it be? As a side note, $170 is a lot of spend on a bag (for me) and the last time I spent more than $50 on one was in college (and I am fairly sure I'm still paying it off via CCCS). My rationale for an expensive bag is that I'm not going to be carrying around a purse + diaper bag so I need a one-in-all type thing. Also, it's going to get daily use. And I just like bags. But do I need to spend $170? Probably not. But I also don't want to buy a bag and have it fall apart in 6 months. Help.

So what do you think? Spring for one of these (what pattern) or just stick with the $54 Skip Hop? Insight from experienced moms wanted.


Anonymous said...

$170 is crazy for a diaper bag. It looks quite big and bulky and most of the time it will be being left with the baby. You will still need some kind of a purse so I think that the Skip Hop is perfect and in these economic times, a much more realistic choice.
From an experienced MOM, yours!

Heather said...

Love this. I have to say totally worth the cost...although I do own a Gucci purse so I love me some bags.

The last one is my fave!!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Debra...I'm mean, who knows more than MOM! Love ya

Southern Auntie

Product Junkie said...

Hi-I stumbled across your blog from someone else's blog and I love it! Im preggo and due in November too! For the bag-I would definetly say the chocolate dots-very cute!! And don't feel an once of guilt over the price-you will use this bag all of the time!

Alicia said...

I plan to still use a purse myself so this bag would be too big for me I'm thinking. However since you plan to use it as both I say go for it. I love the Charlotte pattern!

One bit of advice I did get is that at first you start out carrying way too much in the diaper bag. Which makes sense we won't be sure what we will need, but after a few weeks you figure it out and are able to minimize. Just a thought! Good luck on the decision.

BTW the Skip Hop's are cute I've been checking those out myself.

Jess said...

Hi Kate! Great looking bags! You certainly pose a valid question here, though...especially given the huge price difference. I got a Petunia PB bag the first time around, which I loved. But...18 months later it's seen A LOT of wear (spilled milk, smashed snacks, pen marks, etc.) and now sits in our attic and smells like an old car :( Baby #2 is due in a month, so I picked up the Skip Hop bag you mentioned. It's been practical, has great storage, and best of all, I won't feel bad replacing it in another year and a half after its inevitable demise. You could consider spending the $100 difference towards a great purse that will actually survive longer...?

Hope that helps a little :)

Tracey said...

my vote is the dots. But again, I am a sucker for anything neutral.