Sunday, May 16, 2010

Weekend Stuff

We were soooooo productive this weekend. We cleaned the house, had dinner with college friends, picked up a few things we needed, took the dog for a bath, and layed around. Thankfully I'm going to NJ this week for my sister's graduation, which means just a 4 day work week to get through.

Our calendar is packed for the month of June - a family Sweet 16, the big ultrasound and dinner with the family, a visit from my sister, and then finally the last weekend we're helping our friends move into their fancy new home. And then all of a sudden it's July and holy crap we need to register, get the nursery together, secure a daycare situation.... we are jam-packed until November.

However, I was able to cross off one thing from my huge To Do list: find something to wear to a Parisian-themed Sweet 16 where the dress code is anything white, black, or pink. Here's what I came up with:

This shrug in cream and this maternity maxi dress in black.

Ryan will be wearing super light khaki's and a great pink and white gingham print button up shirt that we found in Kohl's for 50% off. Then we did the price check thing and found out that it was actually on clearance for $10.80. I love Kohl's so hard.

So while my bump is still pretty little, some of my regular shirts just aren't long enough to lay right. I have to keep tugging them down throughout the day, which is fine for now. However, I have been purusing Old Navy's maternoty section online, as well as Motherhood Maternity and Kohl's, and I keep seeing sleeveless tops. My arms aren't that fantastic when I'm not pregnant, and I try to steer clear of them then.... so why in the hell would I want to stock up on sleeveless shirts when my pregnancy arms are fatter than normal? Can someone please riddle me that? Because I am beyond confused.


Bre said...

Love the outfit you have put together, we missed you today.

Heather said...

Love the dress, I want it!!!

My June and July sound similar to yours. My 16 party is replaced with a baptism for my niece. Our big u/s is the end of June!!!