Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Today I have to be at work late, so I'm not going in until 3. This morning I've done laundry, taken the dog (and myself) on a much needed walk, vacuumed the downstairs, and had breakfast (twice).

It's not that I don't want to work (well, it partly is), I just don't want to have to go to my job. Well, that's not even all the way true. I sometimes enjoy going to my job.... I just don't enjoy the work, so much.

I haven't even had the tv on today, so it's not like I want to stay home and watch tv all day. I just want to stay home, clean up, work on projects like a baby nursery and my 2010 photo album, and open the windows and enjoy fresh air. And hang out with my almost-6-year-old pup. And wait to feel some baby kicks.

So I will do these things until 3pm, at which time I will pack up my crap and go to work. Till midnight. Happy Wednesday.

There's only 2 more work days after today. And 4 more days till the LOST series finale (tear). And only 3 more days till my birthday. And 23 days until we find out if I'm incubating a boy or a girl. And 25 days until the Knowing Party, in which we share the boy/girl news with our parents and siblings!!!!!

But I would settle for it just being Friday. Because the work week is really starting to wear on me.


Heather said...

So sad for LOST to end, confused about the Sunday episode? Is it a real esp or a re-cap?? My tv schedule would only scroll to Friday.

Katie said...

found your blog off of heather's and LOVE it! we TOO are due in november (28th) and we're both named katie and have may bdays (mine was the 17th) lots of coinky-dinks i would say!

ugh and we're SO excited about the lost finale. but sad at the same time. what on EARTH am i going to get excited about watching every tues night!?!? they BEST be coming out with another show that will make me sit on the edge of my seat for an hour ...

have a great day, i hope work FLIES by for you :)

Alicia said...

23 days very exciting! We had an ultrasound last Friday and the tech said she was 100% sure what we were having, but I will wait to announce on here until my 19 week ultrasound just be safe lol. Happy Early Birthday!

Jess said...

Just stumbled across your blog and thought I'd say hi & congrats! I love a good pregnancy blog (I'm currently 30 weeks in to #2, and my first was a November baby!). Also very excited for Lost...though we are still needing to catch up on last night's episode!!! Looking forward to hearing more about your journey :)

Dana said...

I hope things get better. Just think you will not lots of maternity time off and will not have to go to work.

Katie said...

just noticed that we may have the same birthday! Mine was the 22nd. So Happy Birthday, birthday twin! (and HB, even if we're not!)
What did you think of LOST?
can't wait to hear about a baby boy or girl!