Monday, April 5, 2010

Menu Monday

Our grill is officially up and running, so this week's menu is full of grilled goodness. Yey!

Monday: Shredded Turkey & Squash over White Rice. We had a turkey breast for Easter dinner, and had a lot leftover. Last night I hand-shredded the turkey and threw it in a tupperware container. I cut up 4 little zucchinis (well, one was a yellow squash) and a red onion and tossed that into the turkey container, and covered the entire container in Lemon & Garlic marinade and a little bit of pepper. I let it marinate overnight, and this evening I'll throw it in a disposible pan and put it on the grill till everything is nice and toasty. Served over white rice.

Tuesday: Homemade Ranch Burgers & Baked Potatoes. 93% lean beef was on sale, so I picked up a pound of that and a packet of ranch dressing mix. I'll mix in the ranch with the beef, and throw in some diced onion. YUM. And on the side, a sweet potato for me and a white potato for Ryan.

Wednesday: I'm at work late and Ryan is on his own.

Thursday: Fish. I hate buying fish before hand, so I'll stop at the store on the way home and see what looks good. Maybe served with cous-cous?

Friday: Ryan keeps mentioning making wings on the grill, so we'll probably do that. Maybe with a nice potato salad? Or pasta salad? My sister is coming in, so we won't eat till late anyway... I'll probably pick up the stuff I need for this meal when I go shopping on Thursday.

So this week involved two shopping trips, even though I've been making it a rule to only go once a week. We went on Sunday and shopped for Monday-Wednesday dinners, plus breakfast and lunch for the week.... and it was $45! When I go on Thursday, I only need dinner for two nights, and then I'll go out again on Saturday when my sister is here. It's supposed to be beautiful this weekend, so maybe we'll do kabobs on the grill? Either way, I have $40 left in this week's grocery budget to cover dinner for Thursday-Saturday. Totally do-able... and if I try, I bet I can come in under budget, even with fish or meat on all three nights!

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Steph said...

Can't wait for the wings! I hope it takes me less than 5 hours to get to MD ;-)