Thursday, March 25, 2010


Since I'm working late every night this week, I've been trying to sleep in and get to the office a bit later (though I am still working 10 hour days... ) so that I still have time to get stuff done around the house (you know, like laundry and food shopping). I know that I'm going to be at work until at least 11pm tonight, so I'm thinking maybe I'll get in around noon and still have time to do paperwork before my slew of late night meetings. Fine.

So I wake up at 9:15am, lay on the couch reading blogs and talking to Ryan as he irons his shirt and gets dressed in the kitchen. I get up to grab my day planner from the kitchen table and spot the notice from our complex telling me that our water was going to be shut off for maintenance between 10am and 2pm.

It is currently 9:45am, leaving me 15 minutes to get upstairs and take a shower. I get up there and take the fastest shower in my life (anything under 17 minutes is fast) and get out just as the water pressure is getting questionable.

I'm feeling quite smug as I step out of the shower, thrilled that I don't have to go to work dirty after all. Then I notice some of yesterday's mascara smeared down my cheek. The water turns on just enough to get a few drops on my face and clean it off. Victory!

And then I realize that it's 10:02, and I haven't eaten breakfast yet.... which obviously means I need to do that and then BRUSH MY TEETH. I suppose I'll be doing that with Brita water today.


Mrs. Newlywed Giggles said...

hahaha... at least you saw the notice before and didn't step into the shower at 10:05. lol

Jami Balmet said...

Hey I just stumbled across your blog and I'm your newest follower. Oh man I hate when the water is out! You never realize how much you take advantage of running water until it's gone. haha

I can't wait to start reading your posts and getting to know you more!

Jami @Intentionally Living...