Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow Day. Again.

At this point in time, I've been snowed in for 3.5 days (as of noon today - work was cancelled again today so by the end of the day it'll be 4 days of bliss). It has been amazing. I have been more productive in the past few days than I am on any normal day. Why?

Snow, baby. There's nothing to do but look at the snow, watch tv, or do housework. The first two options got old pretty quick, and as such, there's not a single article of dirty clothing in the house, the bathrooms are spotless, I've baked 2 loaves of fresh bread and made homemade soup twice, I've uploaded photos from my Rebel, and have perfected the art of getting shots of my dog in mid-flight.

We don't have work today, but the easiest thing to do was just check my email and respond to the important stuff. Granted, I could have just skipped this whole bit, but I can't even tell you how much I got through in the last hour - with no phone calls, no one dropping in the office, and no co-workers laughing in the hallway (I am easily distracted)... I got a shit ton of work done. I literally knocked out 3 days worth of emails in an hour. I can say, with all honesty, that task would have taken about 3 hours if I were in my office.

Also on today's agenda is downloading Photoshop Elements (and learning how to use it), grocery shopping, and putting together another pile for Goodwill. I am so good at working from home.... no if I could just figure out how to be able to do that... I'd be set!


Jo said...

I absolutely LOVE days of uber productivity! Hope it continues and you get to enjoy the day 'off' :) Don't freeze!

Allison said...

wow, I wish I could say that I've been as productive. My snow days have mostly consisted of watching tv or surfing the internet :)

E @ Oh! Apostrophe said...

Good for you! I have not been productive at ALL! Today I'm going to try to hit the supermarket though... more snow coming tomorrow night UGH!