Thursday, February 25, 2010

Seriously, it gets you free stuff.

I've posted about SwagBucks before, but wanted to give you a refresher today because it's their birthday and they're handing out swagbucks left and right!

Search & Win

Basically, you click the banner or any SwagBucks link, input some info (to create a log-in), and start using the SwagBucks search bar to do internet searches for anything you want - and voila! SwagBucks earned! You won't earn on every single search, though, so don't be discouraged. Just keep entering stuff to search till a notification comes up that you've won! I use the SwagBucks search bar instead of Google, and I've already earned a few Amazon giftcards... for free. For doing internet searches.

So sign up quick and get in on the free handouts of SwagBucks today - you will be so insanely happy when you see how quickly you accumulate enough for an Amazon gift certificate (and other cool stuff, but I like gift cards).


Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

I love swagbucks. I've gotten quite a bit of amazon cash from them since joining last year.

Anonymous said...

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