Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Coupons and Burn Notice

So here we are, home again - true story, work was cancelled again. I haven't been to work since last Thursday and I couldn't be happier (is that terrible?). Ryan got his notification yesterday around noon and I got mine around 7-ish. So we're home again. Together. With lots of food, hot chocolate, and the cleanest house I ever saw in my life.

So we went grocery shopping yesterday and ended up spending $79.87, which was $4.87 over my goal. I'm chalking that up to a last minute addition to the cart (Consumer Reports Healthy Eating Edition - $6.99). However, we did great with coupons and sales - we saved $23.98, which was 23% of the bill!

I feel like we've been doing pretty good sticking to an $80 a week grocery (and household supplies) budget, especially now that I'm a coupon manic. I cut them every Sunday and try to print a few here and there from websites. I'm good about using them only when something is already on sale, and try to stick to my shopping list (which is matched against my weekly menu).

However - I'm not good about buying stuff when it's on sale to start a little stockpile. I generally have cans of beans and corn around, but it'd be nice to have some key items around for when we can't get to the store and I need to make something quick. It's also good to stock up on stuff you use a lot when it's on sale (and you have coupons!) so you never have to pay full price for those things. I just always forget to look around for good deals because I'm so focused on sticking to my list.

As a side note... Ryan and I always watch the first few skits of SNL to see if the episode is going to be funny. If it is, we watch. If not, we go to bed. Last Saturday, Ashton Kutcher hosted and they did a great skit about Burn Notice. Right now you need to go to Hulu.com and search for SNL Burn Notice. The first thing that comes up is the skit from Saturday. Watch it immediately, and then come back here and please tell me what the hell Burn Notice actually is... because I still have no idea.


Amanda said...

I think the main character used to work for the FBI/ CIA and he got outed on an undercover job, and then basically had to lie low in Miami, without any of his former gear as an officer. It's a pretty good show that I've caught a few times.

Mrs. Newlywed Giggles said...

I love Burn Notice... we watch it all the time (thank goodness for DVR) He use to be a spy that got burned and they stuck him in Miami... so now, while trying to "un-burn" himself and find out who blacklisted him, he also take these little jobs here and there to help people who need help. Such a great show. I love it. About to go check the skit out now.