Monday, January 4, 2010

Menu Monday

Here we are, the first Menu Monday of 2010! This, of course, is one of my goals (see #4) for the new year, and what better way to keep myself acountable than to post it here. In general, I'm going to just post dinners, since who really wants to know what I'm eating the rest of the day (cereal and salads, if you do care)? And if you do a Menu Monday, I'd love for you to leave the link in a comment below - I'm always on the look out for new recipes!

Monday: Whatever looks good at the grocery store! We didn't leave the house yesterday (since it was FREEZING) and planned to go tonight after work. What a way to start the week, I know.

Tuesday: Low-and-Slow Sloppy Joes (from the WW Momentum Cookbook) and salad

Wednesday: I'm at Job #2 and Ryan is at home. I'm taking left over sloppy joes, and he's having salad.

Thursday: Again at Job #2. I'm taking a Boca Chik'n Patty, Peas for One, and crackers/salsa, he's having left over sloppy joes and salad.

Friday: Stupid Job #2. Boca Chik'n Patty, peas for one, and crackers/salsa for me. Boca chik'n patty and salad for him.

Satruday: Late dinner, because Ryan is at work all day. I'm going to attempt to roast a whole chicken (I'm a pro at turkey, but have never done a chicken!). Served with salad.

Sunday: Ryan's at work again all day and won't be home in time for dinner. So, left over chicken and salad for me, and he'll take some leftover chicken with him.

Boring week, huh? Oh well. Just means less to buy! I'll do next week's shopping on Sunday and have a new menu for you next Monday! Anyone else menu planning? Leave me a link below!

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Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

If you can cook a turkey, roasting a whole chicken will be a breeze. You are husband barely eats leftovers once...3 days of sloppy joe and he would order pizza!