Sunday, January 3, 2010

Last day of vacation (or, Hell tomorrow)

After two solid weeks of vacation, work starts again tomorrow. I want to say that I'm excited to go back. I really, really do.

But that would be a huge, monsterous, terrible lie. And I'm not into lying this far into the new year.

For the past week, my wonderful husband and I have been holed up in our house, doing not too much of anything (except going to the spa and out for new years eve). And you know what? It was awesome. Not just cause we slept till noon, either. We actually had a chance to hang out, like we used to in college, alone with no distractions. We talked about stuff other than work and the evilness of our jobs. We laid around and made dinner together and did a few projects around the house.

And on more than one occasion, we looked at each other and said "I like hanging out with you".

Sometimes it's hard to remember that when there are bills to be paid and three jobs between the two of us, and there's just nothing in the house for dinner. Sometimes it's hard to think of anything other than the morons we've dealt with all day when we get home from work (neither of us are good at "leaving it at the door") or it's the day before Pay Day, or when we're trying to decide who's going to take out the dog at 11pm when it's 20 degrees out (Rock, Paper, Scissors that shit).

I did not think it was possible, but I'm starting off 2010 more in love with this man than I was on our wedding day. And that was a shit-ton; trust me.

So what are we doing on our last day of vacation? Working on #7 of our 2010 Goal List. So far I've put together 2 garbage bags of clothes and shoes to take to Goodwill and 3 bags of just garbage (including more make-up than I care to admit I've kept since college). We cleaned out the fridge, the linen closest (home of said make-up), and under the bed. I put some random stuff on eBay (and already made $75 in sales!). I'm feeling quite good about our progress, and quite sad that it's back to work tomorrow. So let's just not think about it till tomorrow at 8am. Till then, I'm snuggling with my husband and dog on the couch.

Anyone else working on their new years resolutions/goals yet?

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