Friday, January 1, 2010

First Post of 2010!

A new year, a new decade... another chance at shooting for the stars and dreaming big. Goodbye 2009. It's been real, but we needed a change.

Oh, and hey! It's my blogiversary! This little blog started waaaaaay back last New Years Day, and here we are, almost 300 blog posts later. Last year I had 3 solid goals:
  1. Figure out a solid get out of debt plan.
  2. Lose 15 lbs.
  3. Find something I love doing and make money doing it.

So how did I do?

  1. We paid off a credit card (!!!!), paid down our CCCS, and I got a second job. We made all of our payments on time, paid as much as we could, sacrificed some here and there to send more in towards our CCCS accounts, and tried some different things. Going in to 2010, we do have a solid plan to get rid of CCCS. We know what works and what doesn't. We know where we can scimp and where we can save.... and we know what our breaking point is and when we just need to go out for dinner. So all in all, I'd say we accomplished this one.
  2. I'm 11.2 lbs down from last January... and 12.6 lbs down from my heaviest in April. I didn't hit 15, but I feel great and I still have 10 more weeks of Weight Watchers at Work. I'm looking to hit my goal weight by March!
  3. Well, I did find something I loved to do, and made huge steps towards making our business a reality. I don't want to get my business tangled up in this blog, so let's calll this one a success and move on :-)

So what's next for us in 2010? Lots, but I'm not ready to post it quite yet. I'll be back later with our family goals for this year. For now, I'm going to join my husband on the couch and snuggle with our pup. Happy New Year, everyone!

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