Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Adventures in eBaying.

Remember way back in the day (I'm talking early 2000's) when eBay was the new hotness and everyone was buying/selling all kinds of crap?

Apparently people are still doing that.

This past week I sold a Coach day planner (of which I was regifted, and in turn, sold) and I'm in the process of selling the leftover favors from my wedding. And I sold two paperback books on, which is apparently eBay's little sister. Between everything, I have a tidy little sum of money coming in to my PayPal account!

I totally wish I had an extra iPod laying around to sell... those things seem to be going like hotcakes (where did that expression come from?), even though they've been out for so long. But you know what you don't see a ton of anymore on eBay? Uggs. The classic tall Uggs. The kind every college age girl wears with denim mini skirts (you know you did it. I did.)

And that reminds me of a good story. Let me tell you about the acquisition of my first pair of Uggs.

Uggs were the total hotness in like 2002. Obviously I needed a pair. Unfortunately, Nordstrom was sold out, Macy's didn't carry them yet, and I didn't realize you could order them from the UggAustralia website.

Fortunately, everyone and their mother was selling a pair of Uggs on eBay. My own mother (was not selling Uggs on eBay) offered to purchase a pair of Uggs for me as my Christmas gift that year. Seeing as they weren't available in the store, and I needed them that minute, I hopped on the computer and let my fingers do the shopping. I followed dozens of pairs of size 8 tall Uggs. I watched the final selling prices. I carefully plotted my course of action.

And one day I saw a pair of the exact Uggs I wanted, with just 2 days left of bidding. I watched those fleece-lined boots like a hawk, until there were just 6 hours left on the auction. They weren't NEAR the price that some of the others were going for, so I figured this was just meant to be.

So I clicked.

And when the confirmation screen came up, I clicked again.

But instead of telling me I was the new high bidder, it told me that I was the proud new owner of the Uggs.... for $475. I had clicked BUY IT NOW. Holy Hell, I just about died when I saw that, because, as you know, there's no "take backs" on Buy It Now.

I believe I told my mom I won them for $200 (which was the highest she was willing to go) and I obviously paid the difference. How? I have no idea. It possibly went on my credit card and my mom gave me cash? There is a very real possibility that I am still paying off those damn Uggs. I sort of want to throw up a little when I think about it.

Needless to say, I've been wearing those damn Uggs for the past 8 years and they are damn near falling apart. I am positive I got my money's worth. I also do not do a lot of eBay purchasing any more, as I get a bit click happy.

Anyone else buy something for more than they bargained? Or am I the only idiot? And do not even try to tell me you didn't have a pair of Uggs, because I know you did.


Mrs. Newlywed Giggles said...

Truth.. I really don't own a pair of Uggs... but now that I work in NYC and do some walking to the office, I might invest in a pair to keep my toes warm and toasty in this COLD weather we are having up here!

Molly said...

I can't believe it! That is CRAZYPANTS!

Mrs.LifeAccounts said...

Ouch, that's the most expensive pair of Uggs ever! I refused to do Uggs until just this year about a month and a half ago when I needed something to keep my feet warm for long hours at an ice rink...just wasn't that in to the trend, they looked like moon boots to me!

Justine said...

I never owned uggs!! Although, last year I bought a pair of cheap knock offs from payless to tuck my jeans into while I was walking in and out of work 'cause I was sick of my pants getting gross on the bottom!!

Love the new layout by the way! :)