Thursday, December 24, 2009

Oreo Truffles

I wasn't going to make them this year.

They are time consuming, and not really that fun to make. Unfortunately, I made them for my work holiday party for the past two years, and wouldn't you know, I was asked to make them again. Even better, Ryan's boss told him that's what he needed to bring to his holiday party, too.


Luckily for everyone, the end result is pretty phenomenal. I will share this secret with you because if you can stick out the pain in the ass that is forming balls of sticky dough, you will be rewarded with TONS of compliments... all for just about $10 worth of ingredients (and like a solid hour's worth of work).

8 oz package of cream cheese
1 package of Oreos
2 packages of Bakers Chocolate
(as a side note, you can use fat free cream cheese and reduced fat oreos - your choice)

Put out the cream cheese so it gets soft. Smash up the oreos (allll off them, minus the 3 you eat whilst crushing the rest). I normally put them in a plastic zip-loc bag and smash them with my hand, then I dump them into a big bowl and use a meat mallet to smash the rest. You could just as easily use a blender or food processor, but I don't like to create extra dishes to do, so I use the zip-loc bag trick.

Once your oreos are all crushed into little chocolate crumbs, stir in the cream cheese. Mix it up real good, till it gets kind of shiney and completely forms a delicious dough.

Now melt some chocolate. I use a double-boiler, but you can just as easily use a microwave (I do not have one). Once your chocolate is good and melty, you can start forming little balls out of the oreo/cream cheese dough. Your hands will get VERY sticky, so I like to kind of coat each little ball in some sugar (Splenda for my WW folks) strictly to make it easier to handle. Drop each ball into the melted chocolate and then put it on a cookie tray covered with wax paper. I got little cupcake papers (liiittle ones, ment for candy) and just put the chocolate covered oreo balls (ie truffles) directly into those.

This recipe should make about 40 truffles, depending on how big you make them and how many you ate prior to crushing them.

Pop them in the fridge to firm up, then box them up and take them to work (or your holiday gathering). Prepare for many, many compliments.


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