Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Merry Christmas to Us.

Two weeks ago an upscale spa down the road from our house had a huge sale on spa stuff, including gift certificates (!!!!). Remembering how much Ryan loved the spa when we went on our honeymoon (so much so, that we went twice - once for a couples massage, and once for a whole half day of bliss), I figured this was the best (read: only time we could afford) time to splurge on a spa day! I meant to buy the gift certificate and keep it a secret until Christmas, but I can't keep a secret for crap. The cat was out of the bag the night I bought it. Whoops.


So this evening, we'll be indulging in an hour long mud treatment, a 45 minute couples massage, and 30 minutes in the chocolate moor mud soak tub with champagne and chocolate covered stawberries.

I cannot wait.


Claire said...

Was it awesome? I am so jealous I want a massage!!

Also, if you tell me which charms you want I can start buying them for you. I can try to get 50% off some because the lady doesn't stand there inspecting my bracelet to make sure they're for me or not, but most will probably be 25% off so she doesn't get suspicious. SO let me know and then you can just transfer $ to my paypal...It's gay cuz we have to pay cash so I am unable to charge them all up :-(

Anonymous said...

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