Friday, November 20, 2009


I'm here alone this weekend, with a semi-naked finger.

Ryan went on a boys' trip to Dallas, and I'm here alone with the dog. She doesn't talk much, so it kind of sucks.

But back to the semi-nakedness. I normally wear three rings on my left hand ring finger - a diamond wedding band, my engagement ring, and a plain wedding band. Right now, though, I only have my e-ring and my plain band.

A little baby diamond popped out of my wedding ring. I was on the phone with someone, my other line started ringing, I had someone do a random "pop in"... and in my haste to switch lines and have the pop-in have a seat, I smacked my hand against my desk.

I caught my e-ring on the desk. Kind of hard. So I looked down to check my stone, and noticed there was a very empty space in seat #2 of my 7 diamond wedding ring.

So I did what any rational woman would do - I hung up on the person I was talking to (listening to would more of the truth), asked the random pop-in to head back to the waiting area, and I got down on my hands and knees.

After 30 seconds of pure panic, I saw a glint of sparkle on my desk, right beneath my phone. My little baby diamond!!!!

I had a little box in my desk, so I taped the diamond inside, put in the ring, and taped the whole thing shut. I'm at Job #2 all weekend (for inquiring minds - LOFT offers a 50% discount on everything for employees), so my ring is going to have to hang out till I can go to the jeweler on Monday.

And looking at my 2-ring hand right now... I am so happy I decided to go with the diamond band, too. The diamond band was purchased a 11 months before our wedding - we were eager to go shopping - and I loved it. It had 7 little bar set diamonds, which was perfect because we got married on the 7th of November. But around March, I decided that I might also want a plain band, just in case I was making play-doh with a kid at some point. So we went to look at bands again, and I contemplated exchanging my diamond one for a plain one. In the end I kept both, and I love the look of the 3 rings all together.

Yep. I feel kind of naked without my diamonds.


Caitlin said...

Isn't so weird how those rings become a part of your finger?!? Crazy. I bought a little fake one to hold me over until mine came back from being re-dipped!

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

When you are at the jewelry store, have them check your e-ring stone too. You may have knocked it loose and you really don't want to lose it!

When I was a newly married, I wore my e-ring and the skinny little band that matched. At some point, I got a plain wide gold band and took off the others (during the baby years). Then, I had the stone taken from my e-ring and had it put in a ring with some smaller stones around it (putting a CZ in my e-ring so it still looked okay). Then, there was a different ring of small diamonds with a marquis stone in the middle. My rings with diamonds are all small diamonds. Back in the day, most of us didn't get the big e-rings, we got engaged when we were in college-no money. For the past 10 years or so, I've worn my favorite. It is a wide gold band with a raised scallop shell on it. I am all about the ocean, the ring is perfectly me. It doesn't get caught on things, no one else has one like it and I love it. After 35 years (next month) I've learned it really isn't about the ring at all...funny how that changes.

I'm glad you found your stone.


Justine said...

I always feel so naked without my rings too!!

Mrs. Newlywed Giggles said...

Glad you found the diamond.

I always clean my rings at home once every two weeks, and when I do is when I do a thorough check of my stones. Hopefully you get your wedding band back soon. :)

Anonymous said...; You saved my day again.