Friday, November 13, 2009

More free money!

I keep an old paint bucket by my front door and every night Ryan and I dump our spare change in. The bucket isn't even half full (it's a big bucket) but money is money, right? And that money is going to help buy Christmas presents.

Wanna know the BEST PART??? Right now CoinStar is running a special where if you change $40 of spare coins to a gift card, they'll throw in an extra $10!! So your $43 worth of random silver turns into a $53 gift card to your favorite store - Lowe's, where ever!

Click here for more info, and then gather up your spare change and get to a CoinStar. Shoot, for an extra $10, I'd even take some dollars to the bank and have them give me coins! Happy holiday shopping!!


Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

I didn't know what Coinstar was, but I checked and we have one here. I always take my change I collect to the bank. They don't give me free money:)


Claire said...

I don't have any coins since I only pay with credit cards hahaha. But! I do have lots of things that I own that I do not want and many things I want that I do not have. So, I have decided to sell some items on eBay just like you. This is mostly to help fund my Gaga concert outfit since I have a lot of things to buy to complete my Gaga look.