Friday, October 16, 2009

Open Letter

Dear Ann Taylor LOFT -

I was beginning to get a little aggravated, Ann, with the fit of your jeans. I have been wearing the same pair for a few months now, trying to figure out why they sag in the butt region and make me look like I'm packing a little something extra in the front region. They were too long, baggy in weird places, and generally not flattering.

But last night I tried on a size 6, Ann. I am NOT a size 6 in real life. Apparently you all make up your sizes, because guess what? The 6 fit. Perfectly. These jeans make me look slim - not like stuffed sausage, as I would have thought.... I am in shock.

I just wanted to say thank you for that boost of confidence, Ann. I really appreciate it (and your size 6 jeans).



Justine said...

This makes me want to go out and buy a pair of those jeans!! :) Haha

Pollyanna said...

I wish that would happen to me. Mine always seems to go in the other direction :(

Allison said...

I am in desperate need of new jeans too...mine are doing the saggy butt thing also!! ugh! I usually have good luck at Buckle...

Steph said...

why did it take you this long of working there to realize this? lol

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

Oh you poor thing, don't you know we all feel so sorry for you?


Maggie Whitley said...

Dear Ann,

Thanks for making my friend Katie's butt look great. No one wants a saggy butt, and no one wants their friends butt to be saggy-looking.

Much love (and ruffles),