Sunday, October 11, 2009

Grey hairs.

This morning I was sitting on the couch with my dog, reading blogs. I looked over at her sweet face and saw 6 or 7 grey hairs on the bottom of her jaw, and promptly burst into tears. My girl is still a puppy (at 5 years old)! How can she have grey hairs already??!


Allison said...

I find grey hairs on Addie ALL the time - and she is only 16 months old!!

Someone's Mom said...

My pup is 13, so her face has lots of white on it these days. I think it gives her character.


G+D said...

Our greyhound Chase is almost completely grey in the face (and she's only 6 years old). But they say greyhounds are called "greyhounds" b/c they get prematurely grey. She was already starting to get grey when we adopted her at the tender age of 2. Everyone thinks she's so old when they meet her for the first time--poor little girl!