Sunday, September 27, 2009

eBay revisited, plus some extras

In my lifetime I have bought/sold enough crap on eBay to earn myself a member rating of 14 (basically meaning I've bought/sold 14 items)... and most of that is from college.

Over the past 2 weeks, however, I've been hocking my crap on eBay with high hopes of making millions. Or a hundred. A hundred would be good. Last weekend I had 3 sales, resulting in an influx of $68 (hotness). I've spent the better part of the day listing collectible items my mother-in-law dropped off when she was here a few weekends ago.... and 2 pairs of pants that I figured might sell. Behold, my eBay selling list:

The Ryan doll is currently boxed up and secured in the closet, lest he torture me in my sleep. I just posted the NFL helmets and already have someone watching... how exciting. I'm taking a page from Save Karyn and putting all proceeds from my eBay dealings directly to my credit card debt, so wish me luck!


Thanks for all the comments on my plum curtains! I'm going to take your advice and try out some mocha/taupe paint. Will obviously post the final paint choices!


As a side note, Rutgers kicked Maryland ass yesterday and that was great. Not so great? The rain, which resulted in my sweatshirt and jeans being completely soaked by the second quarter. The final result was me, in bed at 7:30pm bundled in sweatpants, sweatshirt with hood on under blankets with a slight fever and throbbing headache. I assume the Dog Fish Pumpkin Ale didn't help the matter, but I do fully blame my condition on the weather. I woke up this morning sweating, head still throbbing, and slightly puke-ish. I would have thought I was hungover, but I had a slight fever and sore throat, so I can only assume the weather is at fault here.

Things I also blame on yesterday's weather? The state of my underwear. Due to the pouring rain, wet metal benches, and lack of umbrellas and/or dry plastic to sit on, my whole butt was wet and squishy. Then I realized that my underwear were completely soaked, as the rain seeped though my jeans. It was completely miserable and I fully understand why babies scream bloody murder when they need to be changed. I'd like to tell you the worst part, but then you might not come back and visit, so I'll refrain....


Someone's Mom said...

I had some great success on Ebay a few years ago when we were getting rid of some antique toys. I hope it goes well for you. I'm actually on vacation and got caught in a major downpour at Epcot last night. No umbrella, no poncho...every piece of clothing was so wet we had to wring them out at the hotel. I understand what you were saying:)


Molly said...

Good for you getting rid of more stuff! Cracks me up that you call it "super creepy Ryan doll". :)