Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Upgrade, Take 2

I know you recommended the touch screens, but when it came down to it, I couldn't drop $300 on two cell phones (me and the husband) knowing full well that money could go towards paying down our massive steadily shrinking debt. So, being the newly responsible (read: hoping to be parents at some point) adults that we are, we both got the LG enV3:

Total cost for two phones, including all of the "New Every Two" nonsense? $100 even. At this point we've had them for 24 hours and they already kick so much ass. The best part?

Visual Voicemail.

Forgive me if this is old news to you, but I've never seen it before and it's amazing - instead of having to dial in to your voicemail and listen through every.single.voicemail you can click on over to your visual voicemail button and up pops the names/numbers/times/dates of all of the voicemails you have waiting! You can then delete the ones you know you don't have to listen to (like the one from your mom that literally just says "Call me when you get this") and listen to only what you want. Even better? You just click on the one you want to hear and that's the one (the only one!) that plays. Selective hearing? Yes, please!

I'm also loving the flip open keyboard and apparently so is the husband - he sent me 8 texts today, which is 8 more than I usually get. Oh, and now I Twitter from my phone like a freaking teenager. Whoops (but if you're dying to catch the action, you can follow me at Hagen23).

And while I do love my new phone, I drafted up this letter to fill the hole in my heart regarding touch screen technology...

Dear Verizon,
You made a poor, poor decision to not pick up the iPhone when Apple offered it to you. I would have spent $800 on two iPhones. I really, honestly, would have. I guess I didn't go for the enV Touch this go around because I'm still hanging on to a shred of hope that you'll one day carry the iPhone. Or maybe Apple will get with the program and start selling unlocked iPhones. Because I certainly will buy it. I'll even buy two. That way the husband and I can both have the level apps, because that is clearly the best app. I really hope you learned your lesson on this, Verzion. No one wants your rip-off Touch, damn it. We just want a freaking iPhone.
Now stop teasing me and call me when you get the real deal.


Maggie Whitley said...

LOL... i giggled a few times when reading this that my husband said "what?!"

ahhh, haha :)


Allison said...

fun :) I can't wait til we get back to the states and can buy "cool" cell phones...

Steph said...

do you pay for internet separately?