Wednesday, July 15, 2009


For the past 2 years I've had the Samsung Juke. I originally got it because I hate carrying a bag when we go out, and it fit in my back pocket really well. 2 years later, it's still a good phone... it's just a little annoying to text on due to it's size:

We just became eligible for phone upgrades, and I'm torn between two phones - the LG enV3 and the LG enV Touch.

Here's the enV3:

And this is the enV Touch:

They're essentially the same phone (both flip open to reveal a fully QWERTY keyboard inside, which is a feature I desperately need); the only difference is that one had a really sweet touch screen. The price difference isn't an issue, as we have the "New Every 2" nonsense Verizon offers. The thing I'm worried about is the touch screen acting up and unlocking in my bag.

Does anyone have the Touch? Or any pros/cons for either of these phones?


Molly said...

My new every 2 is coming up in Sept!! I am getting the Blackberry storm. My hubby would never allow LG anything in our house. :)

Courtney said...

KT i have the voyager with the touch screen and it never unlocks in my have to hit the button pretty dead on for the front to unlock. plus i just figured out how to post a comment on your page. I am supposed to be writing thank yous...