Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Really, Self.com?

I was reading something online about weight loss (surprise, surprise) and it made mention of a "Happy Weight" calculator. The article went on to say that your "Happy Weight" is one that is easily attainable and will make you feel your best without feeling deprived.

Excited to see what my Happy Weight is, I Googled "happy weight calculator" and was brought to Self.com's site. I punched in my height and clicked "medium" for frame. I checked "not a smoker", "not pregnant", and marked "work out 1x a week".

And then it said 128lbs.

128lbs is very close to 20lbs LESS than what I currently weigh. Feeling a little sick, I clicked on the "frame calculation" piece to find out how to see if you have a small, medium, or large frame. Turns out I have fairly small wrists and according to Self.com, I have a small frame.

I redid the calculations.

It now reads 121lbs. Self.com is telling me I need to drop 25 lbs to be happy. FML.

If you want to find out how obese you are, check it out here.


Molly said...

Ugg! I officially hate self.com. I am working hard people, where is my credit!?! They say I should be 8 lbs lighter! I am very happy eating ice cream cake leftovers for 4 day in a row. I think that makes my current weight a happy one. :)

~K~ said...

FML too...... going to get myself a treat because self.com has driven to get one. Stupid site. lol

Ms. A said...

ugh ... I didn't like that result LOL

Anonymous said...

Turns out my happy weight is only 3 lbs less than I weigh. I (heart) this happy weight calculator.