Monday, July 13, 2009

Hitting the road...

Just 16 days till the great MidWest Road Trip '09, which obviously means I've been list-making at work instead of doing work at work. 7 days, 3 states (well, more states than that, really, but we're site-seeing in 3), and 1 car.

The To Do List includes:
Downloading lots of new stuff for the iPods (and creating playlists)
Buying a cooler (I can't live on McDonald's for a week while we're driving)
Buying lunchmeat and drinks for said cooler
Cleaning out my car (I'm not sure if the seats are made out of actual cloth or just dog hair)
Getting everything together for the dog (She's doing a week long sleepover with Lola)

Granted, this list took probably 5 minutes to actual write. Then I spent some time coming up with food items that I need to pack to ensure we don't need to stop for fast food on the road. That took a little bit longer - maybe 15 minutes. And the rest of the day was spent looking up directions to stuff we wanna see/do. I was highly productive at work today. Just not doing stuff I was supposed to be doing.

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