Friday, July 17, 2009

More FitDay

Yesterday's eating plan was a little thrown off when I got a call from Job #2 canceling for the day. I had a careful 1300 calories planned out, but that went out the door when I found out I'd be having dinner with my husband - like hell I was eating a sandwich while he ate something delicious off the grill! We ended up throwing a pork tenderloin on the grill along with some zucchini. We doubled up on the zuke, skipped the rice that I reallllllly wanted to make, and sat outside enjoying dinner. Ryan ended up stopped for a six-pack on the way home, so you'll notice in my chart below there's a new line for alcohol. All in all, I did pretty good, and even had some airpopped popcorn last night while watching the season finale of "16 & Pregnant" (more on that below). Here are my stats from yesterday:

I did good with fiber and protein, but really need to figure out a way to ease up on the carbs. Ha, who am I kidding - I love carbs.

Moving on. Who saw the season finale of "16 & Pregnant" on MTV? I didn't watch any of the episodes all season, but heard that every episode is a huge shitshow. My sister texts me last night to let me know that the season finale was on and that I should watch it, and so I did. And then I proceeded to cry for the entire hour as these 2 kids made the huge life-altering decision to give up their baby for adoption. It was crazy.

And finally, who saw Harry Potter? We haven't, yet, so don't spoil it, but I'm wondering how well it followed the book and all that jazz. We've got tickets for Saturday morning, and I am so excited!


Allison said...

We will be there end of August! We must meet up for sure :)

Cheap Wife said...

Did you start fitday 'cause of Jenna? That's how I heard about it and I started it at the begning of the year. I havn't done it in months...but when I did do really helped me get in the right track. I really love fitday.
Also...I love love love 16 and pregnant. I have the last episode waiting at home on Tivo for me :-)