Thursday, July 2, 2009

I just can't win.

Someone please tell me why the eye doctor cost me very close to $400 this morning? My husband got new glasses and all I freakin' got was a damn exam, a pair of shitty contacts, and a follow up appointment next week where I will drop another $300 on a year's worth of contact lenses.

12 hours ago I was thisclose to having my Visa bill paid off - 2 more months of hefty payments and it was gone.

Not any more, my friend. I'm telling you - I'd rather go to the gyno than to the dentist or the eye doctor. At least my insurance covers all the probing of my girlie parts (even when they don't work the right way). Dental and vision insurance is highway robbery.... and even after you pay that, you owe your freaking first born child (which at this point will be born when I'm 40).

In a pissy mood for the rest of the day. Kill me.

1 comment:

Annonymous said...

Dang, for that much you coulda got Prada glasses like me. You can have mine if you want I don't use them :-)