Sunday, June 7, 2009

Here for a hot second.

Took 5.5 hours to get from North Jersey to central Maryland today. Let's just say I am not thrilled to be packing to be heading to San Diego in just under 6 hours.

A quick shout-out to the newlyweds - congrats!!!! I'd post a picture or two, but can't find my camera cable right this instant. How about a raincheck on that?

And now, a quick shout-out to San Diego....

Dear San Diego,

I've never been to your city before, but have heard that it's quite nice. I was really looking forward to laying by the Pacific (something us East Coast folks don't get to do a whole ton) in a bathing suit that is probably really only appropriate someplace you need a passport to get to - I even called up the hotel front desk last Wednesday to get recommendations on places for surf lessons! Then, just before I started packing, I hop on to and see this shit:

I'm flying out for a conference a freakin day early and the best you can do is cloudy and 66? On my sight-seeing day? On my "lay by the pool and drink rum & Diet Cokes" day? You must be joking. The rest of the week is tolerable, but while we're on the topic - you couldn't spare 10 more degrees? Would 75 degrees really be too much to ask? It's not like I'm asking for 85 (well, I am, but I'll take 75).... damn, San Diego. You're killing me.

Seriously, San Diego. I thought we were friends.

And finally, a shout-out to my readers - I'm away all week and didn't have time to get any posts together to put up while I'm away, so you'll have to suffer through your week without me (ha, I'm sure it won't be hard). Hopefully I'll have some pictures from the wedding this past weekend and from San Diego for you when I return! Have a great week!


Katie said...

have fun! San Diego is my soon to be hometown. I love it there!

Hopefully the clouds will burn off by noon today. But it was cloudy/rainy the whole time I was there last week. :-/

Molly said...

It was 68 here yesterday and we were laying out. The sun always feels really warm here so pack the swimsuit! You can totally get a tan with your rum and coke. Have a blast!

Jo said...

I lived in San Diego for 9 years. Someone should have let you know that June is the "bad" month - the fact that it's sunny when you're going is good news. Typically all of June it's overcast. It's still beautiful and my favorite city in the the US.

Anonymous said...

Apparently you don't remember the pictures of me in the pacific ocean bundled up. You'll have a blast even with the cold pacific currents!