Thursday, June 25, 2009

FML: White polo not so white any more.

In a mad dash to get laundry done, clean the house, pack, and watch all of the Michael Jackson recaps possible, I wasn't 100% paying attention to what I was throwing in the laundry.

Disclaimer: I never pay attention to what goes in the laundry. I wash everything on COLD all the time. Hot water scares me, as does bleach. So it's all cold, all dye-free detergent, ALL THE TIME. Never in my 9 years doing laundry have I turned a shirt pink.

So today I threw in a select few shirts into the washer. Cold water. Dye-free detergent. Gentle cycle. In went: a teal LOFT shirt, a grey and white striped v-neck tee from Old Navy, a white Under Armour STAFF POLO SHIRT (!!!!!!!!!!), and a purple maxi dress from Target (that I bought for the honeymoon), and a black staff polo.

25 minutes later I went to switch the laundry and out came a teal shirt, a black shirt, a purple dress, a LILAC Under Armour staff polo shirt (FML) and a LILAC and grey striped v-neck tee.

I was stunned. Never have I EVER fecked up a load of laundry.... and the first time it happens it's obviously my favorite staff polo shirt that gets shot to shit. Honestly. FML. I was so surprised that I just threw the polo back in to run it again - I would have taken a picture for you all, but I wasn't thinking. Now, I understand how the laundry works, and I know that my white polo won't ever be white again. But I'm really keeping my fingers crossed that it magically comes out white again.

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