Saturday, June 27, 2009

Annapolis: In Pictures

I mentioned a while back that the husband and I (ok, just me) really want to make an annual tradition of having a professional photo shoot each year around our anniversary. The idea is to capture our family as it grows - this year it'll be just us and the dog; who know's who'll show up next year!

The search has begun to find a photographer who will take the fun pictures we're looking for without the arm-and-a-leg price tag. I've got some feelers out, but I won't post on that till we've confirmed. What we do have confirmed is a location - beautiful downtown Annapolis, where we were married. I can't wait to have photos of us with this gorgeous background:

The brick roads, the little shops, the light posts, and the State buildings peaking above the skyline... I heart Annapolis so hard.

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E @ Oh! Apostrophe said...

Love it love it!

We had our engagement pics done in Annapolis by Girls With Big Cameras, which no longer exists, but one of the girls is now working on her own... You might check her out :)

Miss M said...

I grew up in downtown Annapolis, so definitely love it as well:) May I ask where in Annapolis you got married? I am starting wedding planning process...and venue is first on the to-do list.