Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Buy Baseball Tix - Check!

We planned on getting tickets to see the Yankees while we're in Chicago, but had been putting it off because the tickets were f'ing ridiculous not cheap and with the weddings we have coming up money is tight. But the other day, Ryan got an early birthday check in the mail and decided he wanted to put it towards good seats at US Cellular Field.

So last night we bought some kick ass seats. To show you the awesomeness of our seats, I've taken the seating chart from Ticketmaster.com and put in some key locations:

Ryan wants to catch a foul ball. I want to see Derek's butt and get a couple Chicago-style hot dogs. We want to thank our Southern Aunt & Uncle for helping to make this happen for us :-)


Housewife Savant said...

But where are the nachos?

Molly said...

Fun! I hate the Yankees (sorry, Met fan) but any baseball game is awesome!