Wednesday, May 6, 2009

You just get them on the internets; duh.

Ryan was listening to his voicemails on speaker phone yesterday, specifically one from his brother's other best man, regarding the strippers that they'd need to "find" for the bachelor party. I believe the other best man's exact words were, "We need to talk about the strippers. I know you go on the internet and you find them, so we should get on that soon."

Really? Just like that? On the internet? Do you think they take PayPal, cause that would be pretty convenient. Oh, and when you say "get on that" you mean..... Hmmmm.

Oh, and if anyone out there could explain to me what the draw is to having random boobs if your face, please enlighten me on that, too.

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~K~ said...

My husband is planning a bachelor party for my best friend and he spends all night on the internet looking for strippers... I think it's hilarious because he starts to show me the strippers and ask my opinion.. lol

But, I just went to a bachelorette party and boy were those male strippers GOOD... so I don't question why guys go to strip clubs... After the bachelorette party, we came up with dates for the next two months to have another "girls night" to see some more male strippers.