Wednesday, May 6, 2009

THE dress. Maybe.

I am aware that this is the worst picture of a maniquin ever, but try to see past that. how much does this J.Crew dress rock your socks? It's a Janey, which J.Crew doesn't carry anymore... somehow, eBay has like a million of them. I am a little bit worried about the amount of boobage that will show, but my thinking is buy it up a size (to cover the boobies) and have the waist taken in. I could even have a little lace panel sewn in... I reaaaaallly love this dress; I wish J.Crew still had it in stores so I could at least try it on. I would hate to buy it only to not be able to return it (as it'd be an eBay purchase). What do you think? Buy it? Find something else?


Amy said...

It is cute! Go for it :)

~K~ said...

I love the dress! And the boobage area can always be easily fixed one way or another. I suffer from the same problem sometimes!