Wednesday, May 13, 2009

LOST - wtf?

Sorry for leaving you hanging there for a few days. I was up in Jersey for my sister-in-law's bridal shower, surprized my mom for mother's day, and did the family dinner thing with the inlaws. Then it was back home and 3 full days of work. Ew.

Anyway, hopefully you caught LOST tonight. And maybe you have some idea as to what was going on. If you haven't seen LOST tonight, close your browser right now, because I might slip and tell you who died.

OK, I'm serious. If you TiVo'd LOST (really, you can't make an effort to be home for the 2 hour season finale?) or plan on watching it another time, leave now.

Last warning.....

OK, I knew someone was going to "die" and I figured it'd be someone not really that important, but Juliette? Seriously? I was really into the whole Juliette/Sawyer thing. Also, who noticed the logo switch-a-roo? With the white background and black lettering? The worst part is it's over in 2010... one more season to go.

Theories? Predictions? Discuss...

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~K~ said...

Jersey! You were in my state! hahaha.