Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Day!

They'd been calling for 8-10 inches of snowSunday night, but being the realist that I am when it comes to the weather reports (I used to get all excited about the prospect of a snow day, and the let down of having to go to work on Monday is really too much for me to handle), so when we got a little snow last night, I didn't get super excited.

But I did take a picture :-)

This morning we both got calls cancelling work (there is a God!), so we slept in till 10:30am and then went out to play with our snow puppy.

She loves snuffling around in the snow!

Today's agenda includes lots of Soprano's OnDemand, baking muffins, and doing laundry. We'll probably take her out again this afternoon to play, so I should have more pictures later on!

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