Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The best thing about the midwest.... now a 7 minute drive away from work and a 15 minute drive from my house!! And conveniently, my house is not located in the midwest (any more)!!

For those without a Buffalo Wild Wings within driving distance of your place of business or dwelling unit, you have no idea what you're missing. The boneless wings are unreal; even the beer is better at BWW. I've heard the traditional wings (the gross ones with the bone-in) are rockin', but I've seen the inside of my own knee and the little saucy wings don't fool anyone: they look EXACTLY like the inside of my knee.

Apologies to those who are now too grossed out to eat wings. That's why they made .60 cent boneless Thursday's, though.

Anyway, we left work early yesterday to hit up the grand opening of the BWW by work (shhh, don't tell my boss) and spent an amazing 2 hours licking sauce off our fingers. Spicy garlic, that's where it's at. On a bright note, I didn't even feel bad about the giant margarita, potato wedges with cheese, and boneless wings I ate.... because my jeans are LOOSE! Loose in a way that it's a little bit terrible, like it's 1994 and it's cool to wear baggy clothes. Loose in a way that the waist band gets bunched up when I put my belt in the appropriate loop. I should be happy because I could almost fit a big jar of pickles in my pants (maybe you shouldn't ask about that), but at the same time, it's a little inconvenient because I just bought these jeans. Like a month ago.

I really need some new clothes (thanks,; maybe I'll wait for my tax refund to come. Oh, that's right, I got married and probably won't get anything back..... prove me wrong - any other married ladies not get screwed out of a tax refund their first year filing married?

PS - Don't worry, Ryan. I know our tax refund is reserved for our season tickets. I'm just speculating.


~K~ said...

Hi, I just started following your blog because I found the post on!

Just to let you know, I love Buffalo Wild Wings too! The one closest to me is about 45 minutes away but when I do go there, I make sure to come back with a bottle of Asian Zing sauce! Mmmm so good!

Kate said...

Hi - glad to have you! My favorite BWW sauce is Spicy Garlic. 8 boneless wings and potato wedges with cheese... I don't even bother with the menu any more!