Saturday, February 14, 2009

Someone got a show; I deserve to be paid.

We've been in our (rented) townhouse for about a month now and even though I LOVE having two floors and lots of windows, sometimes I forget that I'm not still in my old bedroom with a window at ground level that you can't really see into.

Case in point:

Last night I got home from work and found two boxes outside my door. One box contained a shipment of VitaTops (you know, so I can get skinny), and the other contained some, um, lingerie that I bought from VS on a super good sale. Super excited, I immediately went upstairs to try on my new items.

Now, here's the thing - when you have bewbs that are big enough that you can't always find a bra in your size at any old store, you stock up on the essentials when you DO find your size. As such, I have standard bras in black and beige. They fit very well, but they were expensive and I don't have a ton. I also don't have the luxury of popping by Kohls or Macys and picking up anything super sexy for less than $65 (and that's when I can even find my size). So sadly for my poor husband, it's usually a standard black bra. Good thing he doesn't really care. Unfortunately, I care, and so when I saw some cute ones on sale at VS online, I promptly bought them.

And so here I am, in my upstairs bedroom, modeling said "new purchases". The room is set up with the dresser (and huge mirror) across from the bed, and to get a good view of anything in that mirror, you have to be either standing in the 1 foot space directly infront of the mirror or on the bed. So you can go ahead and picture me, on the bed, modeling my purchases for myself. I am making America's Next top Model faces at myself in the mirror and striking VS runway poses.

As this is all happening, I realize that I can hear cars driving by... and I look to see that the blinds are open (and the window is cracked). I am suddenly very aware that from the street, anyone who happens to look up would have a very good view of my bedroom (and make-shift runway).

I am half tempted to put a collection box outside my front door with a sign asking for payment for last night's show....

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