Friday, January 30, 2009

It's a monitor explosion!

It's a mind expolosion!!!

What is that from??? I think it's a line from a movie, or maybe a tv show. I have no idea but I can't stop saying it.

At any rate....

Today I was checking my Gmail. Nothing special - just some emails about a bridal showering I'm helping to plan and some Facebook messages. Now, I'll throw this out there - I never go on Facebook anymore (except to stalk old high school classmates) so this isn't something I normally do at work. But I got a weird message from someone I used to go to college with, so I clicked the link. After reading the message I started the obligatory stalking... click "friends", see who comes up first, flip through their new pictures, laugh because they got fat, you know the drill.

And then it happened. The picture on my screen started shrinking, then expanding, then crackled, then made some crazy noise. Then smoke started pouring out of the back of the monitor and the monitor went black. Unreal. Who do these things happen to?

Within 10 minutes the IT guy had unhooked the old monitor, got me a new one, attached it, adjusted the settings, and had me up and running. It was very similar to watching a pit crew change a tire. The diagnosis? Sometimes these things just happen.

Oh, ok. So it wasn't due to the Facebook stalking? Good. Because that will probably continue.

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