Thursday, January 15, 2009

If I had a million dollars: Bedroom Edition

Sadly, I do not have a million dollars. I actually don't have close to a million. Or really, even a couple hundred. But nevertheless, I've got a brand new (to me) townhouse (that I'm renting) that I can't wait to decorate!! As I've mentioned, our current apartment is, um... semi-college-esque in the way that it's "decorated" (read: mis-matched everything), and I'm thoroughly looking forward to some "grown-up" decor in the new place. I just don't have a huge (read: none) budget to do this.

But if I did....

I'd be all over this:
The 4-posted bed, the delicious buttercream linens, the trunk... this room says "honeymoon" like nobody's business. And really, isn't that what the bedroom is supposed to say?

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