Monday, November 19, 2012

Send some holiday cheer!

Your To Do List just got shorter.

Treat is Shutterfly's new greeting card brand that makes it super easy to send personalized wishes, hellos, and love you's to all of your favorite people.  With just a few clicks, you can have a super personalized card (with your photos... or without!) out the door from Treat directly to your loved ones - have it mailed to you before it goes to it's final destination or have it mailed directly there.  I especially love the option to mail directly to the recipient because um, ... sometimes I wait to the last minute to get things done.  There are a ton of designs and a ton of ways to personalize each card - it's fun, it's easy, and for the next two days, it's totally FREE!

Log on to Treat and create a totally one of a kind card.  Use the code TREATBLOGR.  Send it off.  It's that simple!  Whether you're sending off a last minute Thanksgiving card to far-away relatives or an early Christmas card for your best friend, there's something for everyone and for every occasion.

The offer code TREATBLOGR is good for one free card on Monday, 11/19 or Tuesday, 11/20.  Get over to Treat at to create your one-of-a-kind mailbox-hug.  Yeah, I said mailbox-hug.  Get to it and send some love!

I was compensated with a coupon code in exchange for my words and thoughts.

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