Monday, April 9, 2012


I'm still here. Drifting between work and home and daycare. Some days it seems that there's an infinite amount of work to be done & some days it seems that I spend hours watching my girl "read" her books and hide the Little People animals in the farm house. I'm more fond of the latter, by far, but honestly the rush of the day-to-day laundry & work & making lunches & answering emails (God help you if you leave a voicemail... I can assure you I don't listen to them daily) is pretty amazing, too. Knowing that Little Miss is learning & playing with her friends at school makes it easier for me to bring home my paycheck (which in turn will help us do all those adult things people like to do, like have more babies & buy a house & pay taxes). Packing up lunches at night is something that I used to watch my mom do, and now I'm the one packing lunches and laying out clothes for the next day. It's a funny thing... you never know what's going to make you feel "like a grown-up" until it happens. Packing up a little pink bento box & buying a car... two of the most grown up things I've ever done. And? Life is good. Very, very good.