Sunday, November 7, 2010

Our Story

Once upon a time, in 2004, two college friends went on a trip.
He asked her if she wanted to go for drinks. She said yes.
They sat at an outdoor cafe and drank Coronas and talked for hours.

Those Coronas in 2004 led to an apartment in Indiana in 2005,
a cross country move to Maryland in 2006, and a diamond ring in 2007.

The diamond ring in 2007 led to one of the best nights of their lives in 2008.

In 6 years together, we have shared three apartments in two different states.
We opened a joint bank account, adopted a dog, and jointly purchased a car... all before even being engaged. We planned a wedding, dug ourselves out of credit card debt,
and spent 9 months waiting....

And then late, late, late on October 26, we got to
meet the daughter we'd been dreaming of.

It's been 12 days since this little girl stole our hearts and
I can't imagine a better way to spend
our second anniversary
than holding my husband's hand and staring at this little face.


Southern "Great" Aunt said...

OMG!!! Beautiful story and a beautiful family....we love ya all!!xoxoxoxoxo

Nicola of Life on Orchard Road said...

Really lovely story :)

Kim said...

O.......M.........G!!!! HOW ADORABLE!! Love the story: Brief yet oh so sincere! xoxoxo

Kim said...


Claire said...

I love that little face and can't wait to see her again :-)

MayLove said...

Too cute! This reminds me of that one commercial for Target where "it started with a dress" and they meet, and go through til it all comes down to a dress on their baby girl. Or that credit card one (I think?) where they start out with their son becoming president of the US, and then they start over from the beginning of how they got there. Very sweet! Beautiful baby girl you have! Did I miss the name reveal???

Brittany said...

She's gorgeous!! And happens to have the best birthday ever!!


Anonymous said... write the best blogs. Love both of you..........but love that cute little face a little more. She is in great hands and is blessed to have you as mommy & daddy.
Love Grammy