Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Orange Jug

There's a jug of pee in my fridge. It's next to the gallon of milk and bottle of cran-pomagranate juice. I am thoroughly grossed out by this, and it only has about 6 oz of pee in it. I assume 24 hours worth of pee is just disgusting in and of it self.... but sitting next to my milk?


You may be wondering why there is an orange jug of pee in my fridge? Well, I'm kind of wondering that, too...

Yesterday I had my weekly doctor's appointment and when I got there, my blood pressure was... high. They didn't even tell me what it was, just to lay down on my left side (on the table with the stirups - uncomfortable, much?) and they'd be back to take it again. The second time they took it, it was 150 over 98.... and they found protien in my pee. It was like a huge PRE-ECLAMPSIA sign was flashing above my head and the midwife sent me directly over to the hospital for further testing.

Further testing was going to involve some bloodwork, more peeing, and more blood pressure readings, so I called Ryan to give him the update and even though he immediately said he'd leave work to meet me there, I told him not to worry about it because they were just doing some tests and I didn't want him to waste his vacation days sitting around at the hospital for a few hours... I'd rather he saved them for something cool, like the birth of our child.

And that, my friends, is how I ended up in labor & delivery ALONE. I honestly don't know what I was thinking about where they'd put me for this testing... but they took me to LABOR ROOM 8. As in the same room where PEOPLE GIVE BIRTH.

And then they told me to get naked, put on a hospital gown, and get into the bed. So I did. They strapped me up to the fetal heart moniter and then contraction moniter.... holy crap, it was like I was there for delivery. Except I was alone. WTF? It was soooooo weird.

At any rate, my blood pressure was out of control - 170/100 - so they did a bunch of bloodwork and I watched "Say Yes to the Dress" for 2 hours. The end result? Everything came back fine - my blood, my pee... even my blood pressure dropped to 120/77. Two solid hours of looking at rich girls try on expensive (and gaudy) wedding dresses apparently has a calming effect, and I was thrilled that Ryan didn't leave work.... it would have been a waste of a sick day.

Of course, now everyone is baffled as to how my pee could have protien in it at 11:30am and not at 1pm.... so now I'm on modified bedrest and collecting 24 hours worth of pee to be tested. I collect the pee all day today and tonight, and then take it to the lab tomorrow morning... and I find out what the next steps are when I go for my follow up on Friday.

Maybe we'll meet this baby soon?


Katie said...

The same exact thing happened to my cousin just a couple of weeks ago. Her blood pressure was really high, sent her to the hospital, hooked her up, then things were fine. Sorry you had to go through that alone, but glad your hubby didn't take a day off so he could use it later. Hope everything goes well--I'm sure it will! :)

Laura said...

Good luck! I know a couple people who had to do the 24 hour urine test. They were also grossed out by the jug in the fridge. Both came back fine though. My sister, however, ended up giving birth at 36 weeks because of preeclampsia. Her little one is doing just fine now though (that was a year and a half ago). Hopefully your results come back perfect and you can continue on so that little one cooks a bit longer! :)

Alicia said...

Oh my seriously your day was exactly like mine and I have the same jug sitting in my fridge waiting to take in tomorrow morning. Depending on the results I may have to be induced tomorrow. Best of luck to you!

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

Yup, that is gross, but you will have more gross soon and then it won't seem so gross. I'm saying a little prayer that all goes well and that baby arrives safely at the right moment!

Jamie-Lee said...

Good Luck!!! I hope everything is already and is stabilizing now.