Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dinner this Week

I'm trying to make meals that I can split into dinner now and dinner later (yey for frozen meals)... I don't have a huge stockpile going but so far I have baked ziti, 2 servings of meatballs and sauce, and 3 servings of shredded chicken (for super lazy nights - it can go over rice, veggies, pasta, etc).

This week's menu is pretty simple but I'll get 2 more freezer meals with zero effort:

Tonight: Burgers with sauteed onions & mushrooms
Sunday: Enchiladas (will freeze half for post-delivery)
Monday: Chicken & Bean Stuffed Peppers (will freeze half for post-delivery)
Tuesday: Soup & grilled cheese
Wednesday: crock pot baked potatoes - these are a staple at our house
Thursday: Pasta w/ garlic & broccoli
Friday: Rice & Beans, modified recipe to add corn, tomatoes, and chilies

Onward to the grocery store!

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