Monday, September 6, 2010

My Publisher Code

I've raved about My Publisher in the past because it's fun and easy to make beautiful photo albums using their software. So fun and easy, in fact, that I plan to make annual albums.

I decided to do a combo first year of marriage/2009 album, which held photos and stories from November 2008 through December 2009. I finished it up during the Snowpocolypse but never ordered the book because it ended up to be $75 plus shipping and My Publisher usually has good coupon codes and sales, so I figured I'd just wait for a discount to show up to order.

So yes, I ordered my 2009 album today....

If you use My Publisher, here's a code for 40% off: MYSTERYC

I ended up getting my book (60+ pages of awesomeness) and shipping for $55! Much better than the $84 it would have been without the code. The code is good through September 9, so hurry up!

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