Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Actual Conversation

We're going to visit my aunt and uncle in North Carolina for 6 days and we are sooooo excited. My aunt called this evening to give us directions and asked if I was all set. The following conversation took place:

Aunt: Are you guys all set to come down?

Me: Yep. I'm doing last minute laundry now, but started packing some stuff, like my beach bag. I have my big towels and bathing suits in there with sunscreen and other beach stuff, and...

Aunt: Kate, I have towels. You don't need to bring them.

Me: I know, but there's 5 of us coming and I didn't know if you had enough, so I figured...

Aunt: Kate, I have towels. And I have toiletries - Q-tips, shampoo, body wash, toothpaste, hair mousse... I have a large barrel curling iron, 2 hair driers... um, what else...

Me: Do you have any size 38E bras?

Aunt: No.

Me: Shit, cause those take up a lot of room.... ok, I guess I'll bring those.


As an FYI, my whole face fits in a size 38E bra. It's the exact opposite of sexy. Beige, non-underwire, nursing bras? Horrifying, yet comfortable..... but completely horrifying. In theory, it's a bra that holds up your boobs but exposes your nipples. Ryan's take? "If you just described it, I'd think it was really hot.... but seeing it? Terrible."


Miranda said...


Sounds horrible for you, but reading this.....so so funny! Have a great trip!!

I can't wait to read more!

Elizabeth said...

Haha, that last little bit just made me laugh out load in lab. Considering that my is composed of only single, white, dorky males, I could not explain why I was giggling.
Thanks for sharing :)

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

I remember how thrilled I was to be able to sleep on my stomach again! I didn't like that Dolly Parton look!

Mrs. Newlywed Giggles said...

hahaah.. that made me laugh!

MayLove said...

Add this to the list of reasons I don't think I ever want to get pregnant. I wear a size 34F normally (btw- thanks for the description of how horrifyingly ugly these giant bras are...), so I'm sure if I ever get preggos I'll probably end up halfway through the alphabet. I'd kill to wear a normal size bra. Giant ones are not too attractive, but they are also really expensive. The ones that actually are cute (they actually do exist) are ridiculously expensive!