Monday, July 12, 2010

Totally Random List

Random baby stuff going on at our nest:

Mattress has been ordered (thanks, mom!!), which means all of our nursery furniture has been purchased! The last item on the list is my mom's rocking chair... not sure how it's going to get here, but it will.

Baby Girl loves to listen to daddy's iPod at night before we go to sleep. Ryan and I lay belly to belly with one ear bud between our heads and I hold the other against my bump.

Tickets to Sesame Place are expensive! For some reason I didn't think they'd be that much, maybe $30-40 each? Negative. $53 a ticket. But it's still cheaper than Disney. Maybe Disney in 2015? And the Harry Potter theme park in 2020?

Homemade paninis are the best thing ever. We got one of these a while ago but never took it out of the box because I didn't know where to store it. Well this weekend I made fresh mozzerella, tomato, & pesto paninis on french bread. And then tonight I made more paninis, this time with sliced deli mozzerella, slices of fresh avocado, and hummus. And then for dessert, Ryan used the rest of the bread to make french toast. Holy crap, I love this machine.

I'm going for a hair cut on Friday... I may go short. It's just getting to be a pain to dry in the morning. But not a mom cut.... that's more of a 2011 thing.

I am dying for an Italian sub. The first food item I want after delivery is a huge oil & vineger soaked Italian sub on good NJ bread.

A double chin may be forming. I am slightly upset about this.

That is all.

Oh, wait... one more thing. Gussy is having her Giveaway Day #4 right now and you can enter to win all kinds of Etsy goodness. I enetered to win birth announcements, camera straps, burp cloths... and you can do the same by clicking here to go to her blog. Looks like entries close on Wednesday and winners are announced on Thursday. And no, I don't get any extra entries by posting this here.... I just really love Giveaway Day because there's so much good stuff that I figured you might want to get in on it too :-)

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