Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Isn't this stealing?

I am newly in love with these Yoplait Frozen Smoothies: The bag says it's 2 servings and each serving is a whole serving of fruit and only 110 calories... so I make the whole bag and drink it all :-) It's delicious.

These little bags of goodness are usually $3.29, which I feel like isn't too terrible but at the same time, I don't want to be spending that much on breakfast (or my mid-day snack) every morning. This week these bags were on sale for $2.49 though.... and then I found a coupon for $1 off a bag on That makes each bag $1.49. So I printed out 3 coupons (that's the max it'd let me print) and bought 3 bags, each at $1.49.

And then while I was at the store, I happened to notice that Kix were on sale for $1.99 - they are normally $3.49 a box! And wouldn't you believe had a coupon for $0.75 off a box??!

So what did I do? Ran home and printed out Kix coupons. And more Yoplait Smoothie coupons. And then I went shopping.

Yesterday I bought:

4 bags of Yoplait Smoothies
2 boxes Multi-Grain Cheerios (on sale for $1.99 each, with a $1 off 2 boxes coupon)
3 boxes of Kix

The grand total? $12.66. My receipt shows a savings of $18.15, which is 58% of the total bill.

Let me say that again: I saved 58% of my bill.

While I was scanning my coupons, I kept waiting for the machine to tell me to go to hell. Or for a store employee to tell me I couldn't use them all. Or for the police to show up because I was committing highway robbery.

I secretly want to print more coupons and go back tomorrow, but I don't have anywhere to store another 5 boxes of cereal. If I had a big pantry, though.... I'd go back to rape my grocery store's cereal aisle again.

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MayLove said...

Kohls often has these ridiculous sales where things are like 75% off (sometimes more) and it is always at these times that we receive 15% off everything coupons in the mail (e-mail and snail mail). We have gone there on occasion and saved more than double what we spent. Oh, that is an awesome feeling! You know that stuff is marked up like crazy, but you feel like you're finally winning one (though you're still probably spending more than the items are actually worth)! Hooray for coupons!