Friday, July 2, 2010

22 Weeks

According to this handy site, today marks the start of my 6th month of pregnancy, which is also the last month in the second trimester. However, month 6 has 5 weeks in it (the third trimester doesn't start until week 27) - those tricksters.

So what's new.... not much. When people ask how I feel, I tell them I feel great - and that is not a lie. I do feel great - no weird pains, I'm not any more tired or sweaty than I normally am... I love being pregnant.

I still lube up my belly every day with my Tummy Butter (at this point 2x a day) and so far, so good. Baby Girl is kicking up a storm - apparently she loves pineapples - and sometimes I can see my belly move, which is crazy. Not often, but every now and again.

I'm up 18 pounds, but still in my size medium pants from Motherhood Maternity and size 4 GAP jeans. I can still wear a few non-maternity shirts, but I have to constantly tug them down. I'd live in my Old Navy goucho pants and a tank top if I could. Apparently it's been cold at work the past few days..... I've been sweating while everyone else is wearing their fleeces.

I have been addicted to strawberries and raspberries these last 2 weeks. Yesterday I finished up the last of the berries and I knew I had to take lunch to work today so I stopped at the store on my way home. I walked out with a carton each of strawberries and raspberries, 4 cans of pineapple, and a can of cherries in heavy syrup (which was probably a mistake). I've been trying to eat better (since being up 18 pounds at this point probably isn't advisable), so last night we had salad for dinner, instead of the pound of pasta I really wanted. I told you about the fiesta salad we ate earlier in the week, and last night I just did mixed greens with chopped bell pepper, sliced olives, and cheese crumbles.

I desperately need to start getting myself on a treadmill - exercise apparently makes for a better delivery - but the heat has been getting to me. I really should bring my stuff to work and just work out there.....

I'm too lazy to take a belly pic at 9am and get it uploaded and posted, so maybe that will be a tomorrow sort of thing.


Mrs. Newlywed Giggles said...

At least the berries addiction is a health one!!!

Glad you are feeling good.

Anonymous said...

Dr. MiMi says do not begin an exercise program in the middle of your pregnancy. If you have not been walking on a treadmill prior to the pregnancy, do not start now. You're welcome for the unsolicited advice. :)

Kristen @ said...

Glad you are feeling good and amazing that the size 4 jeans fit :) Your blog is adorable!!

Anonymous said...

I posted this comment on the wrong site...anyway, I agree with "Dr. Mimi"