Sunday, June 27, 2010

Things You Need to Know About

You can thank me later.

Lemonade Pie: Make this immediately. If you are cool (like me) then you will only buy one pie crust (because it was cheaper) and then not realize it until you get home. Problem solved - fill one pie crust and leave the rest in a bowl in the fridge. Buy graham crackers. Break grahams in half, spoon filling onto one half, top with other half. Wrap your little lemonade sandwich in plastic wrap and throw in the freezer. Prepare to have your mind blown when you remember you have them in your freezer the next day and you unwrap it and bite into it and die because it's 9 Thousand Degrees outside and super cool and lemonade-y in your mouth.

Fiesta Salad: Like a Mexican party in a salad bowl. This recipe is awesome because A) it has lots of veggies and B) it's vegetarian, which makes it cheap. I sort of combined a few recipes to come up with it and it got RAVE reviews from my husband who, when told what was for dinner, replied that "it better be good" because he "hates ranch dressing". I fed it to him. He mumbled "this is really good" between mouthfuls. And then he asked for more. Best wife ever.

Here's the (so easy it's almost embarrassing) recipe: bag of lettuce, can of black beans, can of corn, salsa, ranch dressing, Kraft 3 cheese crumbles. Drain and rinse the beans and corn. Mix the beans and corn in with the lettuce. Eyeball the salsa and ranch dressing - add however much looks good to you. Toss in the cheese. Mix it up. If you're feeling extra fancy (and the grocery store still has some because you didn't do your grocery shopping at 7pm on a Monday night), get a rotisserie chicken and shred some chicken bits over the top. I was cheap and didn't do this, but I imagine it would be awesome.

Only 4 more days till a 3 day weekend.... AND we're registering on Saturday, which makes it super exciting. Oh, and guess what we did yesterday? PUT TOGETHER THE CRIB!!! When I woke up today, I caught a peek into the nursery on my way to the bathroom and I was like WOAH - a baby is going to live here.

Mindblowing. Like the lemonade pie, but drastically different. The lemonade pie makes me feel all cool and refreshed. The crib makes me feel semi-drunk and tingly and


Debra said...

Please tell me when you are going to start writing the book........because I want to be the first one at Barnes and Noble to purchase it and say yeah, my kid wrote this book!! xoxo

Chris said...

Just made Lemonade Pie last week... FANTASTIC! My blowing in fact.... I am curious to try the lil "sandwhiches" lol..