Friday, June 4, 2010

Nesting Has Begun

Yesterday on the car ride home I all of a sudden had an overwhelming sense of urgency - my car needed to be cleaned that.instant.

See that red haired dog to the right of this page? She sheds. A lot. I think she saves it all up for when she gets into the car because my car is a fur magnet and she knows that it will be there forever. We have fabric seats - the kind that are woven together - and her fur gets stuck in the weave of the fabric. It is a nightmare to clean.

So I'm driving home, thinking about how I'm going to get rid of the fur in the back, and I decide to stop at the grocery store to see if they have anything that might help the situation. I see the Pledge Fabric Sweeper and for $6, I purchase it.

Let me just save you the $6 right now - this thing is a piece of crap. At best, it just stirred up the hair enough to loosen it and let it fly around the car.... and then I had hair all over the car, and not just in the back seat. So at 7pm last night I went to the carwash and used the vacuum cleaner there to suck up all of the hair. And then I figured while I was there I might as well get a car wash. And since I got a car wash and I got most of the dog hair up, I figured I might as well use the Armorall wipes I have to actually clean the dash and the plastic parts inside.

The car hasn't been this clean since the day I drove it off the lot. Thank you, crazy-pregnancy-hormones. I surely wouldn't have done this at 7pm on a Thursday night in my normal life. And honestly? I almost stayed home today so I could clean the house. I hope this need to clean lasts past November, because it is awesome.

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Heather said...

I have these nesting moments too. I have become way more anal than normal about the house being clean/ picked up!