Tuesday, June 22, 2010

20 Week Belly Shot - Late

I know I'm late with these, but they're from Friday when I started my 20th week.

I haven't been too consistent with my belly shots, but 20 weeks is a HUGE milestone so I made sure to take a few. I'm not very good at self-portraits, which is probably why I haven't posted these weekly:Thankfully my sister took pity on me and snapped a few. They came out waaaaaaaay better:

At this point, my belly buttom seems kind of stretched and is veeeery shallow. I can feel kicks from the outside and Ryan has felt a few, too. I still don't have the fabulous pregnancy hair everyone talks about (and it was really something I was looking forward to), but I feel great and that's probably more important. The dress above is from LOFT last summer and the shrug is Old Navy - both non-maternity. I'm still able to mix in a few non-maternity pieces here and there - shirts and dresses, mainly. I've been in maternity pants for the last 10 weeks, and some of my regular shirts are getting kind of short. I'm starting to get out of breath more easily and get sweaty when not in air conditioning (which isn't so different than normal), but otherwise I feel great!


Anonymous said...

...and ya look great too!

Your Southern Aunt

Heather said...

You look great!! I have yet to experience this great hair too!! (I am almost 19w) Maybe it just skips some women??

Anonymous said...

I love the picture!!!!!!!!!! And sorry to say, 4 pregnancies--never got the good hair and since you're my daughter......

MOM xoxo

Steph said...

much better when your face is not covered! :)